The Women in Business Project gives women the tools they need to cut through these barriers and pave the way for a more productive and profitable result for everyone.

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The Facts

Barriers still exist that prevent competent women from making their full contribution when they are:

  • interrupted in meetings regularly
  • given more dead-end assignments
  • subjected to unfair work/life expectations
  • deemed they are too assertive or not assertive
  • paid less than their male counterparts
  • not recognized mentors or role models
  • believed to be inarticulate or lacking influence
  • not represented in strategic conversations

For profitable firms, a move from no female leaders to 30% representation is associated with a 15% increase in the net revenue margin.

— The Peterson Institute Report on Women in Business Leadership 2016

The Goal

Through carefully designed improv and role-play exercises, participants leave with a:

  • repertoire of skills to address real-life challenges in a genuine and authentic manner
  • capacity to present ideas clearly and vividly
  • deeper engagement with others that leads to lasting and true communication

Ultimately they bring their best contributions forward with confidence.

Our highly interactive workshops are offered in one, two and three day formats for multi-level professionals. We are committed to a collaborative partnership with our clients creating the optimal learning experience.

As a journalist, I had thought that I was already a strong ‘connector,’ however the workshop opened me up to the potential of listening ‘in the moment’ and on the person’s terms, rather than simply listening for what I need.

— Workshop participant

Profits from ACT go to benefit the innovative and life-saving work in science and medical communication that is continually being developed by the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University (Alda Center).

It’s time to take control of your online life and master your mobile!

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From beginner to advanced, we have a course that is tailored to suit your specific online goals. Our social media courses are rooted in the same experiential theories as the Alda Method™ because, even with something like Tweeting, we learn best by doing. Each course offers both an introductory component and then a practical hands-on session where we try out the new skills that we’ve learned. For those who need a little extra or want to dig deeper, we also offer private tutoring sessions.

ACT works directly with executive leaders and their teams to provide unique and effective communication training.

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ACT provides engaging group workshops for corporate executives as well as highly-tailored one-on-one sessions with our most experienced coaches and media trainers.

Through interactive workshop experiences and private training, we introduce leadership teams and individuals to the defining principles of the Alda Method™.  

Inspired by Alan Alda’s statement that “real listening is the willingness to let the other person change you,” the Alda Method™ uses improvisational theater techniques to train executive leaders to pay dynamic attention to the needs of your audience and to learn to spontaneously adjust to those needs.

Improvisation focuses on paying dynamic attention, connecting with a partner, speaking vividly, and understanding body language. We blend this together with techniques to help executives distill their message and shape compelling stories.

The Alda Method™ helps executives create common ground and use conversational language rooted in accessible experiences and analogies to foster genuine human connections and use a personal tone that spreads the passion and importance of their work.

When executives are able to tap into the experience of spontaneity, it helps them relate their work to others in a more human and accessible way, and it often helps them rediscover a sense of joy and wonder about their work.

Our training, which can be either as a team workshop or in private sessions, helps executives communicate more effectively face-to-face and in writing. The Alda Method™ encourages executives to emerge from narrowly defined traditional roles and boundaries that are sometimes required in their professional environment and relate to others by listening, observing, and being willing to make spontaneous adjustments.

The world we live in requires a nimble, adaptable mind. And, sometimes, a very rapid response.

Being able read your audience and adjust to the changes is crucial, especially when handling the media.

As an added module to our executive level training, ACT places a significant emphasis on media performance and effective messaging.

Our hands-on media training allow you to put into practice all of the improvisation skills and the tools introduced with the Alda Method™ to answer questions clearly, in a relatable manner, and with meaningful conviction. Our media trainers aren’t here to offer you tips and tricks. They’re here to help you get your message across.

Keynote Speakers

ACT delivers transformational keynote experiences.

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Our speakers know how to really relate to an audience and deliver the best experience possible. They are especially talented at coming prepared with an engaging story – something unique and personal, which draws the audience in and creates a welcoming relationship.

We represent award-winning producers, academics, scientists, media trainers, professional actors, career coaches, business professionals, and authors.