In partnership with the Alda Center, ACT creates transformative, on-site experiences for corporate teams specializing in the STEM fields. We help emerging leaders and their teams hone clarity, authenticity, and empathy.

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Effective science communication happens when we listen and connect. It happens when we use empathy. Communication is headed for success when we pay more attention to what the other person is understanding rather than focusing solely on what we want to say.

— Alan Alda

Keynote Speakers

Our expert Keynote speakers are dynamic, personal, engaged, and they know how move an audience.

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Our speakers know how to really relate to an audience and deliver the best experience possible. They are especially talented at coming prepared with an engaging story – something unique and personal, which draws the audience in and creates a welcoming relationship.

We represent award-winning producers, academics, scientists, media trainers, professional actors, career coaches, business professionals, and authors.