It’s Not Just You: Curiosity Daily Explains Quirks of Human Behavior

Clear+Vivid returns next Tuesday, November 26th with the legendary Julie Andrews! In the meantime, check out our new favorite podcast, Curiosity Daily, presented by your hosts Ashley Hamer and Cody Gough! The Curiosity Daily podcast relies on science to help listeners understand the world — and themselves — better. In this special presentation, you’ll hear some of of Cody and Ashley’s favorite stories that answer the question: is it just me? You’ll learn about how your friendships change as you get older, why it’s so hard to exercise after work, why you talk louder while you’re wearing headphones, and cutting-edge insights into the science of jealousy. Whether you’re curious about relationships or your sleep habits, you’ll learn more about yourself and the people around you with Curiosity Daily. Alan Alda and the team at Clear+Vivid will be back with you next week! Thanks for listening!