Inspired by Alan Alda’s statement that “real listening is the willingness to let the other person change you,” the Alda Method® uses improvisational theater techniques pioneered by Viola Spolin and her son Paul Sills to train scientists to pay dynamic attention to the needs of their listener and learn to spontaneously adjust those needs.

“Real listening is a willingness to let the other person change you”

Alan Alda

Improvisation focuses on paying  dynamic attention, connecting with a partner, speaking vividly, and understanding body language. We blend this together with techniques to help professionals distill their message and shape compelling stories. The Alda Method® helps professionals create common ground and use conversational language rooted in accessible experiences and analogies to foster genuine human connections and use a personal tone that spreads the passion and importance of what that person is saying. Our training is team-taught and helps people communicate more effectively face-to-face and in writing.

The Alda Method® encourages professionals to emerge from narrowly defined traditional roles and boundaries that are sometimes required in their professional environment and relate to others by listening, observing, and being willing to make spontaneous adjustments. Our method helps rediscover their passion for their work, and it inspires them to share that passion and take on even greater communication challenges.

The Alda Method® is a series of improvisational techniques that create emotional experiences that allow for clear and vivid communication to happen between people.

Communication is more than a string of words that gets across static information. The language we use to converse does more than give facts—it can actually offer understanding.

The Alda Method® helps professionals create common ground using conversational language that’s rooted in accessible experiences and analogies. It fosters a genuine human connection.

— Workshop participant